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Dr. Melissa Pecoraro and her staff are fabulous.  The office staff always is pleasant and friendly every time I go.  Truly a friendly atmosphere.  Most important is the exceptional care Dr. Pecoraro gives.  I cannot thank her enough!

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Osseous & Cosmetic Surgery

Osseous & Cosmetic Surgery:

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that affects the holding apparatus of our teeth:  the bone, gums (gingiva) and fibers.  This bacterial infection can be chronic or aggressive.  The loss of the bone and fibers around the tooth causes the formation of a “pocket”.  If left untreated these gum pockets accumulate more bacteria causing the disease to progress leading to further bone loss and possibly tooth loss.

Osseous surgery is a pocket reducing procedure.  The gum is reflected to remove diseased tissue and tartar and to contour the bone to emanate health. This procedure allows the gums to re-attach to healthy bone and reduce or even eliminate gum pockets.