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Dr. Melissa Pecoraro and her staff are fabulous.  The office staff always is pleasant and friendly every time I go.  Truly a friendly atmosphere.  Most important is the exceptional care Dr. Pecoraro gives.  I cannot thank her enough!

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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening:

When getting a crown, your dentist must prepare your tooth to receive the crown. Sometimes there is not enough tooth surface above the gumline to accomplish this. A periodontist can do crown lengthening to provide more tooth surface. This ensures a more stable crown with less gum irritation. Also, if you have a “gummy” smile or an uneven gum line, crown lengthening can make your teeth look longer and more even. Often on maxillary anterior teeth orthodontic therapy is performed prior to the actual crown elongation procedure to maintain an attractive smile line and keep the gum tissue even.